A new nameplate for the Gazette in Montreal

A new nameplate for the Gazette in Montreal

Not all parking lots are grinches


November 20, 2008

Parking lots are often viewed as money grabs with a we-don’t-care attitude. But there are some nice people and companies out there. When I attended a Books and Breakfast session at the Omni Hotel recently, I parked my car at a nearby Safeway Parking lot.

There was no attendant when I arrived and the ticket machine said “ only after 9 p.m.” Two other ladies and I thought that an attendant would be there to collect the fee after the event, but when we returned we found that all three cars been towed and that we had to pay $100 each to recover them.

The next day I spoke to s wonderful man named Jonas Vital from Safeway Parking and explained our confusion. He pointed out that a sign in the attendant’s booth did instruct clients to pay at the machine, but nevertheless, he agreed to reimburse all the towing charges. This has made three ladies very happy and has made me realize that there are people willing to listen to your side of the issue.

Hats off to Jonas Vital and Safeway Parking.

Candance Fradtte

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